Despite the passage of time and the release of supposedly better options, there are some apps that refuse to stop being essential for users. A clear example of what we are saying is, Skype, which retains a large number of users who continue to use it to communicate with other people. Well, Microsoft decided it was a good time to submit an offer. to redesign And from what has been seen, there is good news.

One of the goals that the Redmond company had when undertaking this business, to use this software is very more convenient and attractive especially to the present times on mobile devices. Therefore, the changes are significant and we can speak of a practically new user interface with new images of the application and even emoticons added.

It is achieved with a much more modern and vibrant color range. ensure continuity with its aspect before making too many changes in usage actions. This means that users do not need to learn anything new to use Skype regularly. And this makes absolutely everything like a glove among those who use the service (for example, it has nothing to do with the latest improvements, to which unnecessary things were added).

New Skype themes and interface


Changes to the version of Skype for mobile devices

For starters, colors They are more striking, but not harsh. Also, they are places to watch in practice, so they are well placed. On the other hand, there are some recognizable elements to make everything familiar – clouds or animated emoticons are kept in the applications. There are some changes to the location of items that aren’t particularly important but help make them more accessible. The truth is, Skype badly needed this makeover.

New video calls on Skype


Also, among the changes Increasing performance From apps for iOS and Android. Processes have been debugged so that everything runs much faster without consuming resources. Additionally, Microsoft has stated that it has. increased reliability The application significantly reduces the problems in the communication that occurs. That’s good news.

some more news

Among them is power choose theme to use based on search chat you receive or are in (combines very well with existing custom backgrounds). Also, they have improved controls on video calls with a few participants, so anyone – regardless of their knowledge – can simply use this Skype option. And this is important because we must not forget that this platform supports up to 100 simultaneous users, which makes it ideal even for professional use.

Improvements already start to open Therefore, you will need to update the app to enjoy it.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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