No one doubts that Elon Musk is a strange character, and this is directly transferred to the way he should act in their company. What was unexpected was the emergence of a certain aroma of censorship. twitter, the social network that he now owns. But the truth is, there are decisions that make us think about it.

What is becoming known is that the social network delete some accounts for reasons that are not entirely clear and have little, if any, to do with its misuse. And even information is emerging that points to: block some links again without obvious reasons for this to happen. That’s why we’re talking about actions that leave a clear trace of near-censorship treatment if not well explained (interesting that this comes from a company owned by one of the freedom champions like Elon Musk).

Some accounts are being removed from Twitter

Fear not, because practically the account you have is one of the accounts chosen by the social network to be blocked and eliminated. those who are harmed some journalists Thursday night, and without notice, they found that their Twitter profile did not exist. By the way, the owner of the company said that the reason for this “The same doxing rules apply to ‘journalists’ like everyone else.“.

What they do is communicate Company decision regarding Mastodon, currently its biggest competitor (we’ll talk about it later). Some of those affected have shared screenshots of this decision and expressed their views on it, and Twitter’s decision was immediate: they were simply “banned”. Some of those affected include Keith Olbermann, Ryan Mac of The New York Times, Donie O’Sullivan of CNN and Matt Binder of Mashable. Come on, what important journalists, so that Musk’s pulse does not tremble.

Links to Mastodon is the start of it all

What the journalists we mentioned were quoted as saying that Twitter decided to block links because it saw Mastodon as a “potentially harmful” site. Something not very well understood for the sake of free competition. This started happening yesterday and is being gradually implemented all over the world. The thing is, if you use a link, an error message appears Indicates that the operation cannot be completed. Important: All the journalists mentioned have been suspended for warning and expressing their opinions about this (something that is not available to see on Twitter at the moment)

Curiously, everything stems from a problem produced by a person. The account named @ElonJet following Elon Musk’s whereabouts wherever he goes on his private plane. This was suspended from the social network (and then the personal account that manages it). Everything is chained because now there is a mirror of it in Mastodon and the result is actions that are extremely close to censorship.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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