I’m sure you know someone who sent you a private message with a strange text and a suspicious hyperlink – or it could have happened to you. Shortly after, the same person sends you another message and warns you not to get connected, telling you that their account has been hacked and sending an automated DM to all their connections. Maybe you clicked. Maybe you’re next. If so, this post is of interest to you because we will explain. how to recover your instagram account if hacked.

These are the possibilities that exist to avoid being hacked.

According to a survey published by Nord VPN, 13 out of 100 Americans hacked on Instagram. It’s not an insignificant number. However, there are a number of preventive measures that can prevent you from suffering. That is, place the bandage in front of the wound. The main thing is that you activate two-step authentication. It is commonly known as “two-step verification”. But why is it so important?

So you can recover your Instagram account if it has been hacked

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When you activate this feature, which is available in most social networks and mobile applications, you give your phone number to the company. It sends an access code to your smartphone every time you want to log in. In the case of Instagram, the social network will ask you to enter the code in the corresponding section, and then (and only then) will give you access to its usual functions. latter, you can also make sure you have a long and strong password., complete the security check that is also activated. However, all the attention is minimal. Hackers always manage to get rid of it.

New Instagram feature to fight hacking

But given the high level of hacking, Instagram has made an important decision. The company introduced A new feature specifically designed to assist users if they lose access to their stories due to a hacking issue. To do this, they activated the link: Instagram.com/hacked.

“It’s a whole new place people can trust to report and fix account access issues,” the Instagram blog explains. If your account has been hacked recently, visit the link, explain that you were hacked or any other reason your account was locked. Next, Instagram will ask you a series of questions that will help you regain access and return the social network to you.

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