More and more people are using messaging app clients on their computers. This allows them to stay in touch while working without having to use the phone. And companies are gradually introducing better options in their development. An example, Telegram, which has just updated its work for the Windows operating system.

Currently, this development of Telegram is the best that exists for computers, because lots of usage options (but that should all be said, not all that is available in clients for mobile). Its operation is optimal, and it is not precisely this that consumes the most resources of the operating system, so having it open in the background does not affect the user experience when using the computer. The thing is that he has new functions That’s interesting.

News coming to Telegram for Windows

One of the new possibilities coming to software is includes the effect spoilers in media content (hide) This is shared so the recipient won’t be able to see the content until they click on the file in question. This increases privacy as third parties cannot see anything and is easy to use as you have to apply the Hide with Spoiler option from the app menu.

In addition, another good possibility has been added: power set custom pictures for each contact. This way you don’t have to see what is selected by the user and sometimes unidentified. Now there is a function to set up your own and only you can see it.

Telegram icon with blue background


Other additions to the app

One thing is very clear in the Telegram update, with what we have stated and what you will see below: tries to bring in desktop versions everything that exists in mobile clients. And this is appreciated so that the user experience is always just as good. Here are some of the other additions you’ll find in the new iteration:

  • Management options when determining who can see photos used as profiles.
  • It is possible to set profile pictures individually so that each person sees a different one if they wish.
  • It is now possible to hide the list of members who make up groups – by their owners.

Good news for Telegram, which undoubtedly holds the Windows client of this messaging application as a reference in the market, Clearly outperforms options like WhatsApp.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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