Rospatent considered 27 thousand applications for inventions in 2022, 70% of which were filed by Russian companies. The head of the department noted that foreign companies continue to maintain their patents after leaving Russia.

Rospatent received 27 thousand applications for inventions in 2022

Yury Zubov, head of the department, spoke about the results of Rospatent’s work in 2022 at a press conference.

In total, over the past year, Rospatent received 27,000 applications for inventions. According to Zubov, 70% of these requests belong to Russian companies. Almost half of the national applications were submitted by universities and research centers.

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The Russian market is still interesting for foreign companies in terms of protection of their developments, but a number of companies are forced to stop work due to sanctions, noted the director of Rospatent,

According to last year’s results, the largest increase in the number of applications was registered in the areas of IT (+20%), surgery (+45%) and instrumental diagnosis of diseases (+35%).


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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