Car sharing services in Russia have increased in price by an average of 30% over the year, while the number of transactions has decreased by roughly the same amount. The experts explain the growth of the average bill by the increase in costs of the carsharing operators for the maintenance of the fleet.

Carsharing services in Russia have increased in price by 30% during the year

The average check for car sharing services in 2022 amounted to 331 rubles, CloudPayments analysts calculated. Compared to 2021, short-term car rental services have gone up in price by 28%. The online billing of the carsharing market increased by 7% during the year, while the number of transactions, on the contrary, fell by 20%.

BelkaCar noted that the car-sharing market was affected by the cessation of work in Russia by large car companies and supply difficulties. CloudPayments emphasized that the increase in price is due to an increase in the costs of car sharing operators for fleet maintenance: the same spare parts increased in price by 30% during the year.

The demand for carsharing increased at the end of the year: Delimobil reported an increase in demand by an average of 19%, BelkaCar received 30% more requests in some months of 2022 compared to the same months of 2021.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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