Taking advantage of the excitement caused by the launch of the open world RPG “Hogwarts Legacy” by Warner Bros next Friday (10), various crime groups offer fake downloads of cracked video gameto install unwanted malware or software.

The warning was issued by Kaspersky researchers on Wednesday (8). Security experts have detected major movements on sites offering pirated copies of the game about the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Although not officially released, the game already has a huge global fan base. makes it a potential “bait” for cyber fraud. According to Kaspersky security expert Olga Svistunova, “Our advice, as always, is to ask you to be vigilant, download games only from official app stores and always use a reliable security solution”.

Kaspersky tips to avoid scams and malware

The most important advice of the Russian cybersecurity company is to stay away from “not to be missed offers” and sites that promise to give away expensive games. In addition to being false promises, received materials can often come with some real “spells” in the form of malware. For this reason, tip is to buy and download games only from official sites.

Another directive that is valid not only for games, but also for joining online communities; Always protect your accounts with two-factor authentication. Experts say it’s also wise to “mix up your account settings”.

Finally, to minimize losses in case one of your accounts gets hacked, always use a (strong) password on every account. And above all, do not use the passwords you use in online games for other services!

Source: Tec Mundo

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