TikTok is testing paid creators who post content longer than a minute. beta program The Creativity Program is being tested in the USA, France and BrazilIt targets guest users who gain followers and view metrics.

The launch was in response to a complaint by content creators who claimed they weren’t making enough money from their funding. TikTok says the new program will “increase the creativity of creators, generate more revenue potential, and unlock more exciting and real opportunities.”

The company did not specify how much participants can expect to earn, but said: payouts will not come from ad revenue sharing. there will be a fee calculated based on eligible views and RPMan indicator that can fluctuate based on metrics such as video engagement and audience region.

Promoting digital influencers is part of the platform’s marketing strategy. In addition to hiring megastars, the social network is constantly looking for users with the potential to expand in different niches.

strategy change

The social network TikTok, known for its extremely short videos, is gradually increasing the length of videos and expanding the tools for hosting and monetizing live streams. Additionally, the platform is experimenting with streaming events like an upcoming quiz.

Live trading, where viewers buy items directly from streams, could be a lucrative source of income if TikTok can become popular in the US. The company confirmed in November that it was testing in-app purchases in the US market after previously being limited to other countries.

Source: Tec Mundo

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