Closing of the sixth episode Last of us left a musical reference to the first chapter of the HBO series. The beginning of adaptation ended with a theme Never let me down Againone of the classics Depeche Mode. This work was again performed in the production, but in a different voice than the one that sounded before. The detail did not go unnoticed and it is already known who is behind lid.

Musical themes in Last of us they are a coordinate for the viewer: depending on the time of the song, its main characters are in greater or lesser danger. When it comes to music from the 80s, risk is inevitable. Never let me down Again was released in 1987. The first use in an HBO production was when Joel Miller (Peter Pascal) and Ellie Williams (Bella Ramsey) start their journey together.

Second time that Never let me down Again heard in Last of us this is when both characters are being chased by other people. Joel is badly injured during the fight. Thus, Ellie finds herself in a more than uncomfortable situation: their lives are in danger, and she experiences a state of nervousness and fear. This sequence, which closes the sixth episode of the series, has several symbolic readings and a surprise: the name of the person who sings the song.

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Last of us and a voice that interprets Never let me down Again in the sixth episode

In the new edition of the official podcast Last of us, Craig Mazinscreenwriter and series co-creator HBOexplained that the Depeche Mode theme artist, his daughter, Jessica Mazin. Here’s what he said:

“I wanted to re-introduce this theme. But this time in terms of sadness and mourning. I also wanted to hear a female voice sing it like an echo of Ellie. You can spend months contacting different people of all levels of fame to try this. But the problem was that there was a girl down the hall from my house, and I knew that she could break it. So I sent her the song and I said, “Jesse, can you make a version of this one that is haunting, slow, and about a daughter mourning the loss of her father? Just keep that in mind when you do it.”

During my explanation, Craig Mazin touches on a key point of the issue and Last of us: duel and hidden drama that crosses Ellie and Joel’s bond. This song was first played on Last of usBoth were strangers to each other. They made an agreement, they will accompany each other to the end. This context can be interpreted as adventure and danger. Instead, the second time sounds Never let me down Again takes place in a different environment.

The sixth chapter of The Last of Us

Joel and Ellie, although they still don’t know the details of each other’s history, have a much warmer relationship than before. Through different chapters, the viewer was able to learn a part of the past of each of them. The most obvious connection between them is the absence of their relatives and the void filled by the other.

In the case of Joel from the first chapter Last of us it became clear that the loss of her daughter runs through her entire history. On the other hand, when it comes to Ellie, she doesn’t have a father (or mother) figure to refer to. Although the characters refuse to take on these roles, it does so behind the scenes. One of the verses of the mentioned song says the following:

“I am walking with my best friend.
Hope you never let me down again.
Promise me that I’ll be safe like home
as long as you remember who wears the pants.
I hope you never let me down again.”

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In this chapter Last of usJoel ends up on the ground, injured, while Ellie tries to stop him from completely closing his eyes. She is afraid that she will die and be left all alone. When the theme is played, there is reason to suspect that quite a few viewers see the connection: the girl does not want another disappointment in a life full of sadness that Joel came to give her a little humanity.

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