Official Samsung service centers in Moscow state that there are no problems with the repair of tablets, smartphones and other devices. At their “your mobile service” corporate headquarters, they say they have complete spare parts for all Samsung smartphones. As stated in the tablets, there will be no problems.

The cost of repairs depends on the exchange rate. The “Your mobile service” service center has nevertheless acknowledged that some spare parts may not be available. “Every situation needs to be handled individually,” they said.

The situation in general is such that if you bought a Samsung Galaxy S23 imported through parallel import and bought in Russia, for example, on the M.Video-Eldorado network, then it will be repaired. But if the purchase was made in Kazakhstan, if the smartphone was broken in Moscow, then no one gives a guarantee.

As for the iPhone 14, they will also be repaired if purchased in Russia. According to a service center employee, the number of repair and service maintenance requests among users has decreased in the last six months.

The Xiaomi service center in Moscow works as usual with software and classic diagnostics, as well as replacing the screen, back panel and battery. Realme also has a list of authorized service centers.

Source: Ferra

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