An unusual find made in the permafrost Siberia in Russia by a group of scientists, it is a zombie virus over 48,500 years old.

Researchers discovered the virus and treated it in a controlled laboratory, finding it at the bottom of a lake at Yukechi Alas in Yakutia, Russia.

The ancient zombie virus they revived is the Pandoravirus, sometimes referred to as the Giant Virus. These viruses only infect single-celled organisms. Thus, they cannot infect humans or animals.

This information can help us better prepare for future infectious viruses released as permafrost melts. If these giant viruses are still alive after thousands of years, then it goes without saying that other viruses could be the same.

Researchers initially published data on ancient viruses on the server bioRxiv. A new paper on the results was also accepted and published in the journal Virus.

Source: Digital Trends

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