Icon has announced the launch of a competition called “Initiative 99”, which calls for architects, designers and students of construction universities from around the world. A t zz The key parameter is that the future home should be used by its owner for less than $99,000.

Icon itself is engaged in the creation of houses through the use of 3D printers. There are living quarters, warehouses, designer architectural forms, and unearthly landscapes for naked naga projects. They also have projects of compact houses, but they are all suitable, but they just need a typical building suitable for different regions and climatic conditions.

The biggest challenge in 3D construction is the lack of standardization. Because of this, wholesale operations are very often carried out, such as weighing, valuation, which hinders the development of the industry as a whole, because a lot of people want to get affordable housing without any hassle, and not live in a unique designer mansion. The prize fund of the Initiative 99 is only $1 million and it is not known how exactly it will be distributed. But it is clear that the winner provides the best conditions for entering the market with his proposal.

printed house

Source: Tech Cult

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