The Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill on a one-time contribution of representatives of large Russian companies to the federal budget. The total amount of the payment is estimated by the department at 300 billion rubles.

The Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill on a one-time contribution of enterprises to the budget of 300 billion rubles.

In the near future, according to the head of the ministry Anton Siluanov, the document will be submitted to the government, Kommersant learned.

The payment is scheduled to be introduced from 2024, in the amount of 10% of the excess profits of the companies. Businesses will also be offered a “discount” option: early payment of the fee this year in the form of a security deposit to be credited next year. In this case, the tax rate is reduced to 5%.

  • The idea of ​​the collection has been discussed since the beginning of February. The Ministry of Finance then clarified that this contribution will only affect companies that have received excess profits. The purpose of this contribution is to cover the federal budget deficit.
  • Later, the pack learned that a one-time payment from a business to the budget can be prescribed in the Tax Code as a fee. It is planned to be extended to companies with an average profit in 2021-2022 of more than 1 billion rubles.


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Source: RB

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