Samsung went official this Thursday (4) Launch of new 110 inch The Wall Micro LED Smart TV in Brazil. The device brings the most advanced technology of visual sources according to its manufacturer, Represents “the pinnacle of image quality” at around BRL 1 million.

As the South Korean giant explains, each of the 24.9 million light points (Micro LED) on the television is responsible for a subpixel that individually illuminates each RGB color, providing maximum precision in shadows and brightness. Darker scenes also benefit from technology.

The giant panel also brings features such as Quantum HDR, Ultra Chroma and Black Seal, which enhance the display of excellent details, higher contrast and pure black levels. Already refresh rate 120HzIt provides smooth and fluid images.

For a more immersive experience, the new Samsung The Wall Micro LED TV IWJ-R 110 inch It has Sound in Motion Pro technology along with the Dolby Atmos system that provides an arena experience. The audio part also includes 100W of power and 6.2.2 channels.

Other attractions

The model, where the first Samsung Smart Home in Latin America was unveiled in São Paulo (SP), has a Micro AI 4K processor as another difference. The chip has 20 independent neural networks to provide the best viewing experience and upscales to near 4K resolution even in low definition images.

Other highlights are the slim, bezel-less design and modular technology that allows the screen to be adapted to environmental and aesthetic needs. The smart TV also features Tap View, which mirrors Galaxy mobile phones with a touch, and Multiscreen, which makes it possible to display up to four content on the screen at the same time.

Samsung TV Micro LED

Among other highlights, the new model features OneConnect connectivity which includes 6 HDMI 2.1 inputs, 2 USB 2.0 inputs and optical audio input. There’s also a “premium service pack” with a 3-year warranty, installation included – a recessed wall bracket included in the box – and a helpline for questions.

For high-end audiences, The 110 inch Samsung The Wall Micro LED IWJ-R costs R$999,999, the value recommended by the brand. Dev TV will be available on Samsung’s online store, Fast Shop and private channels.

Source: Tec Mundo

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