Sberbank has patented the “smart cleaning” system, which allows you to optimize the cleaning process. The decision to grant a patent was made on 10/28/2022. The smart cleaning system collects data via cameras and generates an updated pollution map using machine learning technology.

Sberbank has patented the “smart cleaning” system for cleaning premises

In the description of the invention to the patent (available to RB.RU) it is indicated that the system solves the problem of inefficiency of cleaning by automated devices. When creating a route, the system analyzes data on the flow of customers in the premises.

The program processes the image of the floor and, using a machine learning model that has been trained on images of uncleaned rooms, creates an updated contamination map. The document states that the route of the automatic cleaning device should be established on the basis of this map.

However, Sberbank’s press service told RB.RU that the complex application of development with “smart” devices is not yet practiced. The system helps schedule cleaning by ordinary employees at the facilities of a credit institution.

“Currently, some parts of the system are being used, mainly software and models to classify and assess contamination. A comprehensive solution with smart devices will be implemented as appropriate devices with the necessary capabilities (control interfaces, etc.) appear,” the press service said.

The patent description, however, explains that the resulting contamination map is transmitted to a device. And the solution itself, the document says, “refers to the field of information technology, in particular the management of automated cleaning devices.”

Last month Sberbank launched a line of smart TVs based on its own Salyut TV operating system.

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Natalia Gormaleva

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