This year, the periscope lens system will be implemented for the first time in the Republic of Moldova for telephoto cameras in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This is an exclusive smartphone.

The innovation involves the ability to shoot with a 5-6x optical zoom. However, for this company, the layout of the camera unit may be changed.

Obviously, the choice fell on the Pro Max model due to the fact that only it requires the use of space for an additional module. However, even in this case, the engineers had to change the perception of the sensors inside the smartphone.

The ultra-wide-angle lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max will move to the corner of the camera block. Whereas the telephoto lens rotates the space between flash and LiDAR. That’s more of Apple’s internal spaces to install a periscope.

It is noted that only the internal components of the components are encountered. At the same time, outwardly, there will hardly be problems.

Source: Iphones RU

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