Killmilk thanked all participants for their “hard work and contribution in promoting the interests of the Russian Federation in the global networking arena”. He also stated that despite the disbandment of the main cast, Killnet members will always remain a part of the community.

According to Killmilk, the decision to disband was made because most of the 50 groups that make up Killnet, of about 1,250, are engaged in self-interest-driven DDoS attacks, not hacking.

A DDoS attack is when hackers overload servers with so many requests that the site stops working.

The founder of Killnet also explained that the future of the association will belong only to those who are ready to make a real contribution to the field of IT, rather than simply “catching the scam”. However, he did not rule out the possibility of new members joining the team.

Source: Ferra

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