There are several ways to take a screenshot in Windows. When you want to take a screenshot of all the sites, it is more difficult to take a screenshot of a web page taller than your screen height. There are some great solutions to take a scrolling screenshot though.

in Firefox

Since the Quantum version of Firefox, this browser has a tool to capture a scrolling screenshot. This makes Firefox the only browser that offers this functionality without the need for a separate extension.

Click the menu icon (the button with three lines) in the upper right corner, navigate to: more tools and then Customize Toolbar† Search the icons offered for the icon Screenshot and drag it to the Firefox toolbar. You can now navigate to the page you want to capture.

Click on the new screenshot icon and select the option Save full page† This will bring up a preview of the full page that you can save somewhere on your PC.

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Firefox provides a scrollable screenshot feature by default.

in Chrome

In Chrome you need to install an extension. Search for the GoFullPage extension in the Chrome Web Store. After installing the Chrome extension, click the GoFullPage icon in the upper right corner of the browser.

If you don’t see this button right away, click on the puzzle piece: You’ll find the GoFullPage icon in the list of extensions that opens. You can click the pin next to it to permanently pin it to the browser bar. As soon as you click the new button, the entire web page will be converted to a screenshot.

In Chrome, you must first install an extension.

Or try PicPick

Finally, there’s PicPick, the free Windows software for personal use. This freeware has seven screen capture modes: full screen, active window, window partition, floating window, interval, fixed interval and freehand.

with the option scroll window Take a scrolling screenshot of a web page with just a few mouse clicks. love Ctrl+Alt and then press Prtscn† A rectangular area appears, marked in red.

Drag the mouse pointer over the web page, and then release the left mouse button. You will now see the page scroll slowly down automatically. After that, the entire window is captured.

PicPick is a free Windows solution with seven screen capture modes.

Source: Computer Totaal

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