It is entirely possible to insert a table in Word. You can even design it beautifully and adapt it to your liking in other ways. If you want to adjust the layout of your Word tables, you can proceed this way.

You can insert a table in Word from the menu. Add / Table, after which you can specify up to 10 x 8 cells in a grid. choose whether add table to enter the number of columns and rows yourself and set a fixed column width if necessary. one drawing table (with mouse pointer) is also included.

You can apply one of the numerous styles to quickly put a beautiful layout on a table. Click anywhere in the table, go to the menu table design and click the ok button More Bee Styles for tables† Select a suitable chart. You can access it on the left in the lane Table Style Options enable and disable certain items.

Formatting options

If you prefer rows of equal height or columns of equal width, select the appropriate rows or columns, open tab Order and click split lines or on Split Columns

You can also set the text layout nicely in the table cells. For example, it is possible to rotate text 90 degrees. Select the text in the columns you want, open the Format menu and click once or several times. text direction until the text is correct.

For more white space between your text and cell borders cell margins and set the optimal distance for the four sides.

Move rows and columns

To move the contents of the entire line, first place the text cursor on that line. then hold Alt+Shift and press the up or down arrow key until you reach the target location. To move a column, first select it completely with the mouse and drag the selection to the desired column.

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