If you want to quickly map how an organization works, it is best to choose an organizational chart. It contains blocks with dashes and branches to other blocks. If you want to make your own organizational chart, you can do this with the software in this article.

An organizational chart (also called an organizational chart) aims to show all at once what the hierarchy is in a company or who works in a company (and often even at the same time). Usually the rule is this: the higher you are on the organizational chart, the higher you are in the organization. Below you hang other blocks with lines and below with more blocks.

While some org charts consist only of rectangles and plain text, there are variations that include photos and even contact information. In an organizational chart, lines that show how topics relate to each other are important. So you can see at a glance who reports to whom in the hierarchy and who is on the same page.

Useful for people who are new to a company, for HR staff to keep an overview and for presentations that will help other companies get to know your company better. It’s handy to have, but a common mistake is to create an org chart once and then use it everywhere without checking to see if that org chart is still up to date.

Fortunately, there is help not only to get the organizational chart but also to keep it up to date. The following tools help with this. Some are (partially) free, others are not.


Visme is a very easy tool that is particularly popular due to its intuitive use. You can easily move a square to a different location by dragging it, which makes it easy to make changes to the org chart.

You can also choose from all sorts of shapes, so if you want to make an organizational chart with circles, you can do that too. They all look so beautifully designed, just like a professional design company would.


Lucidchart is very useful because it is very clear. Slightly less beautiful in design, but gains over time. It only takes five steps to create your org chart, and it can even be done based on data imported from a spreadsheet. It’s very easy to quickly clear boxes or move people, making Lucidchart a very efficient tool for quickly putting together an organization chart.

Usually this is a task that comes ‘just in time’ and you’re thinking of putting the finishing touches on your PowerPoint presentation 10 minutes before the presentation starts. Efficiency is therefore highly desirable.

ping board

Pingboard wins when it comes to clarity. He calls himself the “superpowers organization chart,” and he certainly is. Its strength is its simplicity: You can pull it easily and create different categories to make the org chart even clearer.

However, where superpower really comes into play is in its integration with IT systems like Microsoft Azure and Google G Suite. It can get information from HR systems to update data in real time. You can even have the organizational chart read by PowerPoint.


Canva has gained a lot of ground in recent years as it is easy to create a kind of corporate identity in terms of visuals that make sure your brand is well translated into social media. But Canva can do more. It also includes a chart builder that lets you create charts and tables, including an organizational chart.

Choose a good template with a suitable layout and you can visualize your organization easily, but it’s worth noting that creating it in Canva requires a bit more effort than software like the one above that really focuses on organizational charts.

Microsoft Powerpoint

It is possible to create an organizational chart in Microsoft PowerPoint. The advantage is that organizational charts are often used in presentations and PowerPoint prevails in this regard. The downside is that they are somewhat labor-intensive to make. Sometimes it’s hard to catch a line in exactly the right place, and when something changes in the organization, your organizational chart just isn’t adjusted.

Still, it can be helpful to quickly put something in PowerPoint if you want it to have the same style as the rest of the presentation. Good luck building!

Source: Computer Totaal

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