Not released yet iPhone 15which will arrive in September, but rumors and leaks iPhone 16 they have already started. it’s completely normalApple production cycles they are usually a year and a half oldso we are starting to see news about a smartphone that the company will release in 2024.

The latest rumor iPhone 16 It has to do with your screen. After leaks related to the camera, Mark Gurmanin his Sunday newsletter confirmed other similar reports that the device, like the version ProHow ProMax, they will have a slightly larger screen. “A couple of tenths of an inch diagonally,” he explains.

It will do iPhone 16 be the biggest Apple has achieved since the introduction of the device in 2007. According to the journalist, this is a move to stay competitive with the rest of the industry, especially Samsung. Also, by making the device a bit bigger, more hardware components can fit inside, including a larger battery. Mark Herman has an impeccable reputation as an advertiser for new Apple products and services.

iPhone 16: Bigger Screen and Changed Cameras

A few days ago, analyst Ross Young assured that the iPhone 16 will have a 0.2-inch larger screen, both on the Pro and Pro Max models. Ming-Chi Kuo, who is well connected in Asian product lines, then backed up the report.

On the other hand, everyone agrees that Apple will not make changes to the screen size of the regular iPhone 16. The increase will be exclusively for devices with the surname Pro.

The change that the iPhone 16 will have is a change in the way the device’s camera lenses are presented. According to the report unknownz21.

The iPhone retained this arrangement of camera module lenses until the introduction of the iPhone 13, which opted for a diagonal camera design. All of this is in testing and may change as soon as the final design of the future device begins to be produced.

The iPhone 15 will go on sale in September.

Like every year, the iPhone 15 will arrive in September. This time he will do it with some big news. Probably the most striking is finally the use of a USB-C port. This, at least in part, is due to pressure from European regulators looking for a single connector for charging devices. There will also be camera news, although it will focus on the Pro models, as happened last year with the iPhone 14 Pro.

In theory iPhone 15 Pro Max It will be the first smartphone in the house with a periscope lens, allowing you to do so much more. zoom. Of course, this will be a feature that we have already seen in competing devices. It’s time to find out how Apple plans to stand out or improve itself.

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