There is no doubt that the players chrome casting It is one of the best hardware devices that Google has released in its entire history. Its ease of use and affordable price make it the perfect choice for users who want to share what they see on the phone on the TV screen without connecting cables. Well, they take update your software management is the most interesting.

We’re not talking about an improvement in the firmware, especially a very interesting change in what it has to do with the screen that appears when you have to. choose player It is desirable for shipping. And that’s great news, because while it’s so simple to use, more than one person has doubts about which one to choose at this step… especially if the Chromecast player hasn’t been renamed (which is the most common).

What did Google do with its Chromecast?

Well, to give the software more intelligence so that it can deliver Suggestions users and therefore, the above-mentioned doubts never arise. A picture that was published and which we show after this paragraph clearly shows how the new function we are talking about, which makes the use of these players from Mountain View company even more advisable.

Hint on Chromecast player

chrome boxed

And how are these recommendations made? Well, according to published data combining several factors. first one proximityis necessary to always achieve the best possible result when transmitting wirelessly. They also take into account: habits of the user. An example of what we have said is if you take a shower every morning and play music on a speaker that is compatible with Cast technology, the time will be evaluated whether it is correct or not. makes it possible to distinguish between chromecast models to choose the most suitable one for the shipment to be made.

great truth

If this improvement works well and the suggestions make sense (for example, the living room TV player appears at the top of the list if you’re there), this is a time-saving improvement in the review. What do you want to do? So you can start shipping with a small gesture. Then, time saving and simplicityor, often what users look for when it comes to enjoying an accessory in their home, they are there.

Google Chromecast Player


In some places these improvements are already a reality and global distribution was already known. started. That way, if you don’t already have the recommendations available, you’ll be able to use it in a few days and see if all that sparkles is gold. The truth is it looks little, but you get a lot.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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