In addition to the new iPhone 15 family, iPhone 15 Pro and its Plus and Pro Max versions respectively, the people of Cupertino took the opportunity to present your new Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2; These are their official prices in Mexico.

Starting today, the Apple Mexico store is showing different prices for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Series 9. Additionally, each of these devices Has differences in size and materials. construction, which can make them cheaper or more expensive.

Likewise, the Cupertino Mexico website details that while you can purchase the new Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 now, you will receive it later. Specifically, delivery will occur two or three weeks after the purchase has been processed.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Apple Watch Ultra 2 or Watch Series 9, These are the prices at which they will be available.:

Model Box size Price from (pesos)
Apple Watch Ultra 2 49 mm 17,999
Apple Watch Series 9 41 mm 8,999
Apple Watch Series 9 45 mm 9,699
Apple Watch Series 9 41 mm (Titanium) 15,999
Apple Watch Series 9 45 mm (Titanium) 16,999

The new Apple Watch arrives in Mexico in all its variants.

Some of the new features in Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 include the all-new S9 SiP processor. Except, They have brighter screens, new gestures and better energy efficiency.. The latter is intended not only to save battery life inside the device, but also to manage electricity during their production. With this new generation, Apple wants to become the greenest company of all.

To achieve this latter goal, they began producing new Apple Watch Series 9 bands from a different, environmentally friendly material. The people of Cupertino called it FineWoven, and maintains the quality we know at a much lower environmental cost. Additionally, leather trim will be discontinued on all future devices, including the new Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2.

For its part, Apple Watch Ultra 2 also has its own changes. Between them a much brighter screen that makes it easier to read in any environment. Plus, you can connect Bluetooth accessories to measure your performance during your workout.

With all these new features, Cupertino residents want to take the power of their Apple Watch devices to the next level. If you live in Mexico, Now you can buy the best generation device to date.. Shipments will begin on September 22.

Source: Hiper Textual

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