It’s been a while since then Google bought the company Fitbitand strides have been made gradually to become part of the wearables manufacturer of options that are common to everything Mountain View has to offer. And now, another step of great importance has been discovered.

Waiting for Wear OS to come to Fitbit smartwatches is something that doesn’t happen, but everything shows that it won’t take long (you bet it makes sense to do this for new products launching in the year 2023), some of the actions are part of the maker’s devices we’re talking about from Google. It clearly shows what you want it to be. ecosystem product sooner or later.

Important Google step affecting Fitbit

This is what is known from the hand of Fitbit, which as of now has released highly relevant information about its intentions with its products: it will be necessary. you have google account the ability to benefit from the services offered by the wristbands and smart watches of the company, which is now owned by the Mountain View company. This is obviously something that leaves no room for doubt as to what will happen.

Smart watch from Fitbit company


This does not currently prevent you from having a Fitbit account to access its services, but you will also need to specify a Google account to be able to use it. In this way a duality What makes sense is that soon everything will be centralized with Google options (which will include all the options Fitbit has to offer for those who own one of its wearables), because the configuration processes certainly don’t take long.

everything makes perfect sense

a Google second layer Knowing what users of Fitbit products are up to is important to the future of the wearable range that the Android-owning company will launch. That’s why we’re saying it won’t take long to bring Wear OS to every smartwatch related to those in Mountain View. It’s only a matter of time before this happens, and apparently not for long.

Does this mean Fitbit will go away? to disappear? Like this It doesn’t seem like it will happen in the short term., because the brand has a good market share and quite a few followers. But the fact that this happens is certainly not overlooked, especially if products like Google’s Pixel Watch are successful.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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