iPhone SE in danger: Apple considering canceling, why?

iPhone SE is the device some use to access a terminal. viewespecially those that are not cheap as a general rule. However, the company is not at all clear as to whether there is enough market to continue the commitment to this device, which is characterized by having a small screen and dimensions, among other features.

It was published report It is stated that even the Cupertino company will be. Considering the possibility of cancellation Of course, it remains to be seen whether this is a temporary thing and whether a new iteration is coming in 2024 or simply and simply saying goodbye to the iPhone with the smallest screen. But the truth is that things are not looking so good for this model anymore and one example is that the company cut its production by more than 15% in the same 2022.

Reasons for Apple to take this decision

On the one hand it would be sue Less and less, because users have very well accepted that the devices offer huge panels, and one example is the new iPhone 14 (where the Pro is most often purchased). However, there will be additional reasons such as: rising costs manufacturing materials. This will make it inconvenient to bring a low-cost device to the market, and therefore the SE series will no longer make sense.

The back of a red iPhone SE


The truth is, it won’t be a serious issue if Apple doesn’t offer an iPhone SE in 2023 and maybe forever. This is because, contact engineers To other works working on this product. As a result, it would optimize the operation of the company… As a result, the firm led by Tim Cook is likely to consider this as well (especially when the tech companies are in a clear position) to consider the cancellation we mentioned. expenditure control phase).

Small screen phones are a thing of the past

With this move, the great representative Smartphones with small screens seem to say goodbye forever. Few users are happy with them, especially since the folding ones appeared. the truth is to have more space to use multimedia content It can do anything, and with all the talk about rising costs to offer a more up-to-date design, this could be the final nail in the coffin of the iPhone SE, among other things.

will be wait for all these to be confirmedbut knowing the usual secrecy of Apple, it would be strange to know reliable data until the moment of cancellation.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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