Airtag This is a very good option for finding items if you have an iPhone and apparently also for finding your dog, despite the fact that Apple does not recommend placing this device on pets. Firefighters in San Bernardino, a city in California, USA, managed to save the life of an Australian Shepherd named Seamus. when found in the sewers after being washed away by heavy rainWith.

A one-year-old dog with an AirTag attached to his collar was walking with his owner when he ran away, and due to heavy rains, he fell into the sewers, which dragged him over 1 kilometer. Luckily, the pet managed to hide in a nearby sewer, but his owner couldn’t find him.

Moments after Seamus was swept away by the strong current, 911 was called by an employee who worked at a nearby store. He claimed to have heard a dog barking in the canal and as he got closer he saw it floating through the sewers. Firefighters were able to successfully rescue the dog, stating on his Facebook profile that he came out unharmed and “in good spirits.”it was equipped with an Apple AirTag and a regular ID tag. who helped rescuers and owners find the puppy and reunite them.”

Why doesn’t Apple recommend using AirTag for pets?

In fact, Kayann Drance, Vice President of International Marketing for iPhone Products, said: I more what if users decide to place an AirTag on their pet,just make sure your pet is within range of a device on the Find Me network. so your location can be tracked.”

Source: Hiper Textual

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