If a series of (unwanted) images and videos appears in the main gallery of your smartphone, it may be because you have activated the auto-save option in the currently most popular instant messaging application. Luckily, you can prevent WhatsApp from saving photos and therefore save your mobile phone’s internal GB.

You also have the option to see the option storage management on the platform in order to remove certain files from groups or contacts.

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Learn how to prevent WhatsApp from saving photos

Let’s see the process on iPhone first. Go to section Parameter in the bottom menu of the main interface. In the new window, select a section chat. Once you see all the options, disable the button save photos.

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From now on, the images and videos you receive will not be stored in your iOS phone’s gallery.

On Android, in the main interface, tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner. After the menu is displayed, select an alternative settings.

When you click on chatin the new window you will have to disable the button Media Visibility. Thus, new media files you upload will not appear in your device’s “gallery,” the instant messaging service clarifies.

storage management

If you want to take better control of your space or the files you received on WhatsApp from your contacts and groups, we’ll show you the process you should follow.

On iPhone, go to Parameter and choose storage and data. In chapter storagein the new window click on storage management.

Luis Miguel Paredes/Digital Trends in Spanish

You will see that files you have received that are larger than 5MB are highlighted, as well as those that have been forwarded many times. In either of these two sections, you will have the option to select items and delete them.

Below, also in storage management, shows the chats that have shared the most images, photos, and documents with you. That is, those who require the most space. In each of them, you also have the option to select items and delete them.

To go to this section on Android, click on the three dots on the top right corner of the main interface. From the drop down menu, click settings. Then find and click on storage and data.

In a new window, you just need to select an alternative Storage Management.

Unlike iOS, this shows the ability to enable temporary messages, a feature described by WhatsApp as a fact of “retaining control over future storage needs and increasing the privacy of your chats.”

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