An application appeared on the App Store, the program code of which was completely written by ChatGPT from scratch. The person who decided to use the neural network for this purpose only watched the process and set tasks.

An application has appeared on the App Store, the program code of which was written by ChatGPT

Sergei Pakhandrin, the founder of Rocka and VKarmane, decided to use ChatGPT as a programmer to write the application code for a smartphone. About the process of creating an application, he said on his social media page.

According to Pahandrin, ChatGPT wrote the complete program code for the “Cursor” exchange rate tracking application. As a source for tracking the current exchange rate, Pahandrin indicated the JSON text data exchange format.

While writing the code, the neural network made mistakes, but corrected them under the guidance of a human operator. ChatGPT was able to add widgets to the app and came up with a name for the app itself. The author of the app icon is the Midjourney neural network, Pahandrin said.

“Cursor: Exchange Rate” has been moderated on the App Store and is available for download. The app’s “privacy policy” was also written by ChatGPT, Pahandrin added.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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