whatsapp Finally, he listened to his users and added a long-awaited feature to the multi-device mode. From today, it will be possible to use the same messaging app account on multiple mobile devices at the same time.. A very interesting option that will be especially useful for those who have more than one smartphone for daily use.

Bear in mind that WhatsApp’s multi-device mode allowed up to four devices to be connected at the same time without the need to keep the main mobile phone connected. However, the option has been limited to WhatsApp Web, tablets, and desktop apps. It was simply impossible to use the same WhatsApp on two mobile phones at the same time.

Fortunately, this has changed with the latest app update. Here and further You can open WhatsApp on up to three additional smartphones.. The process of linking devices will be similar to what already exists for other platforms, by scanning a QR code.

With this new feature, your WhatsApp chats will be updated on all linked mobile phones. It means that you can start a conversation on one phone and continue it on another, without losing previous messages. This can be very convenient for those who regularly carry their personal and work smartphone with them and want to communicate with family and friends from one account, no matter what equipment they have at hand.

You can now link your WhatsApp to up to three additional phones.

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If you’re concerned that this new WhatsApp feature might compromise the privacy of your messages, the service makes sure you have nothing to worry about. each additional mobile automatically connects to your accountso calls, messages, photos and videos are still end-to-end encrypted.

In addition, WhatsApp explains that if it is found that the main mobile phone remains inactive for a long time, you will be automatically logged out of other phones.

On the other hand, companies using WhatsApp Business will be able to take advantage of this new option so that multiple employees can access the same business account. A tool that promises to be ideal for maintaining a constant line of communication with partners or clients.

Starting today, support for using WhatsApp on three additional phones is available. although it is likely that not everyone will have immediate access. As is often the case when features of this type are released, some users will have to wait weeks for the update to affect their accounts.

Changes coming to the web version

In addition to supporting the use of your WhatsApp on multiple mobile phones at the same time, the messaging app has announced changes to WhatsApp Web. Specifically in the device pairing mode. From now on, this action can no longer be performed only by scanning a QR code. Those who wish can enter their phone number in the browser and get a one-time access code to plug.

This new feature is not meant to replace QR, but as an alternative for those who prefer it. WhatsApp did not provide a specific timeline, but indicated that they plan to launch this feature in the coming weeks.

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