“I was recently in Houston [donde Taylor Swift dio un concierto el pasado mes de abril]and I know I had a lot of fun and sang about everything, but I don’t remember! I remember before and after the concert, but nothing during.” This is one of the many messages that those present at Era Tour, the sixth tour of the American singer-songwriter, actress and director, was shared on Reddit and Twitter. Many agree that after they remember almost nothing about the experience, or if Swift actually sang a certain song during the show. The artist seemed to bewitch them during the performance of her song “Willow”, which many attribute to a satanic ritual.

Several fans who have had the opportunity to attend one of Taylor Swift’s concerts actually claim that if it weren’t for the hundreds of videos they keep on their cell phones in which they hear themselves shouting phrases like “to hell with the patriarchy.” (poem Everything is too good (10 minute version), they would doubt if they really were. This is something that can be disappointing given how difficult it is to get a ticket. However, fortunately or unfortunately for some, the effect of post-concert amnesia has a scientific explanationlog details Time.

Of course, many of Taylor Swift’s tour goers are fans of the artist, who announced the tour last October; months before it starts. Most have been waiting for this day with incredible excitement, watching tiktok from past concerts or clips in which Swift literally dives head first into the stage, as if it were a swimming pool. When the day comes the amount of emotion a person evokes when seeing a singer perform surpasses any other state of mind..

The thrill of meeting Taylor Swift

Well, this sense of emotion that attendees experience at a Taylor Swift concert is so great that the body processes it differently than usual. Evan McNay, professor of psychology at the State University of New York, explains to the aforementioned medium that when a person experiences emotions, it makes them the amygdala releases a neurotransmitter called norepinephrine. This one, in particular, allows you to store this memory in memory, let’s say, with a higher priority, which makes it easier for a person to experience it.

The problem, we repeat, is that the amount of emotion experienced by a Taylor Swift concert goer who body interprets it as stress, and the brain performs a completely different process than when it determines an adequate level of emotion. In particular, according to McNay, memory-related neurons start to fire indiscriminately, making it difficult to retain that memory.

McNay argues that this effect This is not an isolated case of Taylor Swift concert goers.“It can happen any time you’re in a very emotional state,” he notes.

Why this post-concert amnesia effect?

Taylor Swift in the rain at one of her concerts.

In fact, this is something that has been studied a lot in the field of psychology. On the one hand, it has been observed that stress releases hormones that affect the brain’s ability to store memories. In addition, we must not forget that stress causes a reaction known as fight or flight. It is an evocative favorable response that prepares us to face danger or, where appropriate, to flee from it. good part resources of our body they go to one of those two options.

Thus, stress and anxiety cause symptoms such as increased heart rate or muscle stiffness. The heart prepares for great effort, and the muscles tense up to act. Since there is no need to waste energy on retaining memories in that moment, it can be more difficult to remember what happened next. Obviously, Taylor Swift Concert It’s not a threat. But if our brain interprets this strong emotion as stress, it will act accordingly and all of these symptoms can occur.

How not to forget anything from a Taylor Swift concert? It can be difficult to control yourself in this situation, but advice such as avoiding alcohol or caffeine can help the body process emotions better.

Source: Hiper Textual

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