It’s not long ago Youtube music has been updated with the ability for users to receive personalized suggestions based on the songs they want to listen to so that, as happens on other music listening platforms, they can discover new content in a fairly easy and fun way.

This time we are talking about a further upgrade of the audio listening platform, which now basically gives access to special filters designed to enhance the automatic suggestions, but let them present themselves, but give the algorithm a big hand in according to your taste . Everything was recently included on the pages of 9to5Googlewho have been able to confirm the novelty in question and also the filters that can be easily applied to improve the system.

We’ll start with the one known as Appendix, which is currently the default option and will remain so even when the giant’s tests on the upcoming novelty are over and it will be released. Later they also speak of Familiara filter designed to receive suggestions based more on one’s tastes, apparently as far as the specific artists are concerned as well as the musical reference genres.

We’ll talk about Recommendation and from Instrumental, two filters that allow the algorithm to work more relevant again when choosing new content. It must be said that at the moment everything seems to be available only for radio playlists, but since these are simple tests at the moment, it must be said that the situation and the various content may change in the coming weeks and differently in form on the market.

Source: Lega Nerd

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