If you look forward to the Google’s first foldable smartphoneWell, we have bad news for you. The Pixel Fold was postponed Once again. Two authoritative sources support this: the analyst Ross Young and the Korean magazine The Elec.

The reasons for the delay The product is simply not finished and the teams working on it will need a few more months to present a device that meets consumer expectations. According to previous rumors, Google’s first foldable smartphone should hit the market at the end of 2022 Ross Youngnow we will have to wait at least until the spring of 2023.

It seems that Google would have liked to show a short preview of the Pixel fold at the Google I/O held in early May, along with that of its first tablet. The company would then have decided to cancel everything at the last minute: there was a risk that an unfinished design would be shown, or at least could become significantly distorted in the coming months.

Recall that – according to some rumors – Google has still not decided what shape to give the device. The company would experiment with two possible solutions: the project Passport and the project jumbo jacket The first has a vertical fold with a clamshell opening, like the Galaxy Z Flip, while the second opens like a booklet, like the Galaxy Fold.

Source: Lega Nerd

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