Valve announced in a blog post that it is delaying the docking station for the Steam Deck handheld indefinitely. The main reasons for this are the corona pandemic and chip shortage. Steam Deck was released in February this year and has a built-in docking function via the USB-C connection. Later, Valve would release an official docking station.

The official Steam Deck docking station has been delayed due to supply issues and production facility closures due to COVID-19. We are working on a fix and will share more information as it becomes available. This has no further impact on the production and reservation schedule of the actual Steam Deck; relates to other parts of other factories.

The docking station is designed as a medium for Steam Deck to convert the handheld console into a stationary console as it stands. No HDMI or display port connection on Steam Deck; makes a docking station. There is also room for peripherals such as keyboard and mouse. For now, users have to be content with a USB-C cable that can be converted to HDMI.

Source: Valve

Source: Hardware Info

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