Again Tesla was responsible for marking a before and after in the electric motor industry Thanks to its fleet of vehicles, more and more brands are committed to launching their own electrified solutions. And Elon Musk’s next big headache is closer than ever.

One of the most famous engine companies is Porsche. The German giant has a history of positioning this brand as one of the most important in the industry. And yet, he was one of the first to bet on electric motors, as we’ve seen with his acclaimed Taycan and other models. And now already The 2022 electric Porsche Macan is on the starting ramp.

Or, according to the latest leaked images, it shows what the next generation German sports SUV will look like, which will have a continuous design in addition to extremely interesting features.

This will be the Porsche Macan of 2022

To begin with, it should be noted that The company has made it clear that future generations of this vehicle will not have a version with an internal combustion engine. Therefore, this new Porsche Macan will be the first vehicle in the German manufacturer’s electric vehicle family.

As for the published images, although it is true that they continue to hide the details, we can see them very clearly. How will the Porsche Macan look in 2022?. A tool that shows the ways to be the best alternative to Tesla Model Y.

At the aesthetic level, we see that there are two possible buffers, one for the regular model and one for the Turbo version of the Macan. We also see larger air intakes in the Turbo model, making it clear that it will be a much more powerful model.

to continue insideWe see that the next electric car of the German company is drinking more than the Porsche Taycan, with elements such as the position of the screen that extends to the motor giant’s sports sedan.

What the published photos confirm for us is that the Porsche Macan is in the last part of the road as it has gone through all the development phases. Possible release date and starting price? You can currently purchase the current model for prices starting at 72,000 Euros., so we can assume that the new model will have an approximate price. At €5,000 above the Tesla Model Y, even though Porsche’s history will cause multiple users to prefer to invest a little more and bet on the German firm rather than the solutions of the company founded by Elon Musk.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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