Barbie It’s currently streaming on HBO Max and is perfect to watch this Christmas, either for the first time or after watching it in the cinema. We will be able to once again see all the images of the professions of this doll, who has held a variety of positions: from teacher to worker. In addition, the film does not leave aside scientific barbie, of which there are many. First of all, we see various healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses or ambulance drivers. But also physical Barbie, played by Emma McKee. This is a more or less accurate representation of reality, since Barbies are dedicated to these professions a lot, but how good is this image?

This question was asked by a researcher Catherine Klamerbelonging Indiana Universitybefore writing a good study that has just been published in the Christmas issue of the magazine British Medical Journal.

In this work, he analyzes the population of scientific Barbies compared to other doll brands. But it also takes into account whether they represent science-related professions well. Do they follow appropriate safety measures? Do they wear clothes that are appropriate for the situation? We won’t spoil it, but you can imagine the answer.

There isn’t much variety in scientific Barbies.

In fact, we all know that most science Barbies are in healthcare. Although in recent years some astronauts, geologists or engineersFor example.

Klamer put together a good show and analyzed its features in comparison with a similar set of dolls from other brands. First, he took a group of 92 scientific Barbies (also including Ken and other dolls of the brand), consisting of 53 doctors, 10 scientists, 2 science teachers, 15 nurses, 11 dentists and 1 paramedic.. He later collected 65 dolls from other brands whose professions included 26 doctors, 27 scientists, 7 nurses, 2 dentists, 2 engineers and 1 MRI technician..

The first thing that catches your eye is about the Mattel doll. 93% were women. That is, these were scientific Barbies. Only 7% matched Ken. It’s curious, because something similar happens with the film, where the Kens didn’t even have a profession. 98% of Barbies were adults and 59% were white. None of them presented any kind of disability. As for the other brand, 32% were white and one had a prosthetic arm, which is why it is shown. more variety in these senses.

In Barbie, Emma McKee plays a physical Barbie.

Medical specialties

When analyzing scientific Barbies dedicated to medicine, it was noticed that 66% were represented by child care. Only 4% catered to adults, and the rest did not have any characteristics on the packaging or on clothing and accessories.

Medical specialties are also not specified. There were three dolls that were clearly ophthalmologists; but otherwise it is assumed that these are pediatricians without a clear narrow specialization.

The study’s author believes this is a missed opportunity. And there are still those who argue that Barbie can be a good tool for empower girls and show them that they can devote themselves to any profession. In medicine, there are still many gender differences between specialties. For example, with several surgeons. That’s why he thinks it would be nice if there was a doll with such a specialty. In fact, she offers to advise Mattel on the doll’s clothing and safety precautions. They would benefit from receiving advice as it is clear that they have not done so with others.

Science Barbies shouldn’t go into the lab looking like this.

More than two-thirds of scientific Barbies wore loose hair and, more than half, heeled shoes. To avoid incidents in the laboratory, wear flat shoes and tie your hair. These are basic safety measures. There is no point in wearing a lab coat that covers your clothing if loose hair could directly contaminate your samples or your hair. As for heels, not only are they uncomfortable, but they can also cause accidents in environments where it is important to move with great care.

Medical Barbies also don’t have everything Security measures suitable. In fact, masks and gloves are conspicuously absent from these dolls.

All this requires more than just a greater variety of science Barbies. It is also necessary that those that already exist take appropriate action. They continue to be a mirror in which children can look at themselves and, ideally, see scientists as they truly are in the labs. And, of course, that they have a wider range of professions. Occasionally. For now, at least, Mattel already has an offer and an offer to consult with them.

Source: Hiper Textual

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