To most, the term NFT will sound like a collection of monkeys that were sold at the height of the bubble for hundreds of thousands of euros. misnamed future of digital art, which seems to interest the majority of users less and less every day, can have a great ally in the automotive industry. Not in terms of collecting. Neither have virtual machines in the metaverse, but rfix the future of the car’s history in a non-falsifiable way.

Alfa Romeo, hand in hand with its new Tonale, has introduced a curious use of NFT, which is actually an outstanding idea and is quite likely to be copied by the rest of the industry sooner or later. And it will be so, because, in fact, using NFT technology, she was able to guarantee in a deadpan way, the value of the car in the future.

Simply put, non-fungible tokens or NFTs are blockchain-based crypto assets with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other, and this makes them unfalsifiable, at least in theory. This technology allows you to generate a unique identifier whose data represents a point in time, certifying that it is not authentic.

And this is where Alfa Romeo’s idea stands out, starting with the advent of Tonale: to create an NFT of car history, certified, non-falsifiable and transferable, that offers all the important data for a particular car at once: from the specific production data of the car, its VIN, to the specific history of the car: mileage, battery cycles, revisions, accident reports, part replacements … the range is huge, and there really is no limit. .

NFT Alfa Romeo guarantees the authenticity of the real condition of the Tonale.

The usefulness of the Alfa Romeo NFT is a guarantee that in the future it will be possible to know exactly the condition of the car in a tangible and certified way. giant step not only for a possible secondary market in which it can be precisely guaranteed that the data is what it is. Also so that its owner can easily access a signed digital certificate about the history of the car he drives.

A conceptual idea of ​​what the NFT will look like. Does not match the real image.

In this sense, perhaps the most useful thing is to guarantee the condition of the car on a future sale, and this is solved in one fell swoop. many inconveniences guarantee the real condition of a used car.

In addition, with the new Alfa Romeo becoming more intelligent, it opens the door for the company to further add automotive telemetry to its NFC and government certifications so that at a glance we can even know in the future how the car was brought in by the former owner. Things like braking whether the rev threshold was exceeded and for how longwas the engine/battery temperature correct, etc.

Also, the way to create NFT for Alfa Romeo Tonale is very easy, you just need to generate certificate from mobile app wallet with which you can access the information and control of Tonale, a standard already in the automotive industry.

Perhaps this way of using NFT is not as spectacular as when we think of this technology in terms of interchangeable digital art, but the idea of ​​Alfa Romeo with NFT Tonale is much more useful, important and tangible for the future of the automotive sector. A future that we are sure the rest of the industry will follow in Alpha’s footsteps.

Source: Hiper Textual

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