GameStop will leave a large number of employees at home. At the same time, the retail gaming giant fired his CFOMichael Recovery.

GameStop has entered an important phase of change for years. The company, which starred in a major stock market rally in 2021 led by the phenomenon of so-called meme stocks, is gradually moving away from the physical model, with the aim of paying more attention to the sale of goods and services digitally.

GameStop sent a note to its employees on Thursday, announcing a big new wave laid off “We want to streamline our workforce to ensure the right talent is in the right place,” the communication reads.

We do not know the details of the workforce reduction plan and therefore it is not known how many employees will lose their jobs. However, the bulk of the layoffs should fall at the company’s headquarters, which is its Grapevine, Texas office. The staff reduction should therefore mainly affect the white-collar workers, while there seems to be no interest in reducing the number of employees in the company’s stores. Not right away anyway.

The company reaffirmed in the note sent to employees its ambition to focus on NFTs and the so-called Web 3.0 – a term used to refer to a heterogeneous set of decentralized platforms and services based on the blockchain.

According to Axios media, the staff cut should also affect Game Informer, a historic gaming magazine owned by GameStop.

Source: Lega Nerd

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