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Scientists are making progress that is vital to humanity: “we will be able to create things that are still unimaginable.”


Physics is a branch of science that studies the forces that govern our universe. Understanding physics is comparable to instructions for assembling furniture. And when this happens, the secrets disappear, giving way to certainty and knowledge.

For this reason, physicists around the world have been studying the world for centuries and centuries in order to understand it. They test it, develop hypotheses, test them, and work to turn it all into theories that support their model.

This led man to become the dominant species, which in a few years will begin to conquer the stars. It sounds nice, but a lot of sweat and blood has been shed along the way. But always worth it.

Chemist Diego Peña from the University of Santiago de Compostela.


As we read in El País, an international team of scientists has achieved for the first time in the history of mankind to selectively modify individual moleculesbreaking or forming bonds between its atoms at will.

Progress makes possible the creation of hitherto unimaginable molecules, at least according to the Spanish chemist Diego Peña., one of the leaders of the group. “This technique will revolutionize chemistry,” he confirms. His research is so groundbreaking that it was featured on the cover of Science magazine.


Sci-fi films based on real science

For the most forgetful, a molecule is just a group of atoms. Currently, to modify molecules, scientists use a process that is a lottery, because it is about trying to assemble atoms in a crazy way and get something that suits them.

On the other hand, Peña’s team used state-of-the-art microscope capable of focusing on one millionth of a millimeter molecule and modifying its bonds electrical impulses.

“It is very important that society realizes the value of fundamental research: knowledge for the sake of knowledge. I want to control how the atoms are assembled. What is it worth? Well, for everything, because everything is made up of molecules and atoms,” explains the Spaniard.

Applications such as future molecules are unimaginable, but we’ll have to wait to see them anyway. and as Peña himself explains: “Obviously, tomorrow we are not going to treat cancer.”

Source: Computer Hoy

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