Finally it is possible to very accurate measurements in quantum physics. We are talking about the world of the infinitesimal, ruled by bizarre laws. All possible thanks to an experiment that speaks Italian. The latter sees the collaboration of the Technical University (TU) of Vienna, the National Institute of Metrological Research (Inrim) of Turin and the Laue-Langevin Institute of Grenoble (France).

The experiment has as protagonists i neutrons, particles that together with protons and electrons form atoms. The test was done thanks to two silicon crystals. If before it could only be done on one crystal, it can now be done on two crystals aligned with utmost precision. By launching neutrons at a crystal, they behave like a wave that splits in two. It is then reassembled by a second crystal, after making several paths.

This field is defined interferometry neutron. Always a limited study due to the fact that neutron interference is very vulnerable.

Minor inaccuracies, vibrations, displacements or rotations of the crystals that make up the interferometer destroy it. This is why the interferometer is carved into a single crystal.

Hartmut Lemmel, from the Tu of Vienna

l’Inrim gave the appropriate technologies to develop X-ray scan interferometry over time, as Enrico Massa states:

Although the required accuracy for neutrons is even higher, the one who works with X-rays must also work with neutrons.

Interference of neutrons with individual crystals has finally been observed. All thanks to the use of a integrated laser interferometerand reducing the vibrations. Furthermore, also by taking advantage of the stabilization of the temperature and taking advantage of the knowledge of the Inrim on the alignment of the crystals.

Source: Lega Nerd

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