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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Home Tech Now they want to use artificial intelligence so that we can talk...

Now they want to use artificial intelligence so that we can talk to all animals.


Sure, you communicate phenomenally with your dog or cat, but not to the point where you know what they’re thinking or what they might be feeling at any given moment, and a group of researchers want to use machine learning. translate animal language into something we can understand.

This is a very ambitious project Project “Views of the Earth” (ESP), a California-based nonprofit that plans to first decipher animal communication using machine learning and then make its findings available to anyone who is interested.

According to The Guardian, founder and president of ESP, aza raskinnotes that “strive to help people communicate or at least understand as many kinds of“.


What is OpenAI and its proposal for artificial intelligence?

However, he adds that these algorithms under development “they are designed to work in all biological organisms from worms to whales.“.

Clearly, this is a large-scale project that has already made some progress, including an experimental algorithm capable of detecting which of the noisy group of animals is talking. Then the second algorithm can generate simulated animal calls to talk to them directly.

Keep in mind that while these sorts of advances are exciting when it comes to conservation and making sure animals are worth saving, he acknowledges that his artificial intelligence won’t be the only answer to saving them.

Be that as it may, it seems that far in time we can understand all our pets as if we were talking to another person.

Source: Computer Hoy

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