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Huawei Band 7, analysis and opinion


Not so many years ago, a few brands paved the way for bracelet monitoring, led by Fitbit, but today we have a huge number of companies embracing the smart bracelet and smart watch phenomenon.

And they all share the same goal: to measure the health and physical activity of their customers by offering some interaction with the phone. If there are many options for a gadget, and connectivity is high, we are talking about smartwatches. If, on the other hand, the gadget is more simple, then we have a smart bracelet.

Huawei is surviving the American veto by making very good products far from Android. And if the smartphone market is Google territory, no matter how hard they try with HarmonyOS, they have a goldmine with wearables that they know how to exploit. Today we analyze Huawei Band 7:

Huawei Group 7
dimensions 44.35 x 26 x 9.99 mm | 29 g with strap
Screen Color AMOLED | 1.47 inches | 368 x 194 pixels | 282 dpi
Drums 180 mAh | Charging by magnetic contact | Up to 14 days of use
connectivity bluetooth 5.0
sensors 3-axis acceleration sensor | optical heart rate sensor | optical SpO2 sensor
strap materials silicone strap | interchangeable
Endurance 5 ATMs | IP68
Price 59 euro

After we have looked at the characteristics of the Huawei bracelet, we are going to analyze it in detail, focusing on the possibilities it offers us and the reliability of Chinese wearable sensors.

Analysis of Huawei Band 7 by sections:

  • Design and screen: compact, beautiful and light without a premium look
  • Application and monitoring: more than 90 actions and high accuracy for the price
  • Battery: two weeks of theoretical autonomy, 6 real days
  • Conclusion: a good option for everyone who wants a full-fledged and beautiful smartband.

Compact, beautiful and light without the premium look

One of the problems with the thousands of smart bracelet options on the market is that they all look like the same bracelet. Either they are all copies of the Apple Watch, or they are copies of the Galaxy Watch. Instead, Huawei has been able to personalize its bracelets and watches.

To do this, they chose a more rectangular shape, but lengthening the vertical. In a way, it’s like a miniature smartphone.. And while one or the other design seems better to us – it’s a matter of taste, I like Huawei’s solution, mainly because it is more convenient to use for training.

As soon as we take it out of the box, we see that the bracelet is identical to its older sister, the latest generation of Huawei Watch Fit smartwatches (Watch Fit 2 is made a little wider than it is long).

Huawei Band 7 photo gallery

Chema KS

Along with a bracelet In the box we find very few things, only a typical magnetized Huawei charging cable. (we confirm that it works with Watch Fit cable and Huawei Band 6) and instructions for use. But what else?

Our part, in particular, is army green (it is called “Wild Green”).. Without a doubt, this is a really wise choice because it is very beautiful, sporty and looks good with almost any outfit. The most beautiful bracelet I’ve ever had? Definitely.

As for the materials, we are talking about soft plastic, pleasant to the touch, but not very resistant. After three weeks of intensive use, the bracelet already shows signs of wear in the clasp and seams. But nothing serious.

Huawei Band 7 photo gallery

Chema KS

As for the screen, it’s fantastic. In particular, we are talking about a 1.47-inch AMOLED panel with a screen-to-body ratio of 64.88% and a resolution of 194 x 368 pixels, which gives a density of 282 pixels per inch. By the way, the screen is made of curved 2.5D glass, very pleasant to the touch.

bright, although it is not specified just see the bracelet in full sun in the middle of a field. With all this, Huawei has released a bracelet that stands out from the rest, although not with the best finish on the market. But then again, this is enough to convince anyone by eye.

Over 90 activities and high price accuracy

Huawei Group 7

Chema KS

Let’s move on to the important part of the analysis: Does the Huawei bracelet measure accurately? Is it a good accessory for athletes as it is supposed to be? Yes, for the price.

The bracelet comes with 96 initial sports that you can register without problems: running, tennis, football, elliptical trainer, fitness, swimming… In this area of ​​sports, even the coolest bracelet offers dozens of sports to track. The question is, do you record them well?

In my experienceas an ordinary athlete and a person accustomed to using professional meters, The Huawei Band 7 measures quite well, although it usually offers a slightly high heart rate and with some lag.. Let’s explain it.

Doing squats in the gym a very demanding exercise that forces the heart to work at maximum power, the bracelet began to give us high values ​​only a few seconds after the completion of the exercise.

Huawei Group 7

Chema KS

And then it took me a few minutes to go down from the top, where we obviously weren’t there. Despite this, the measurements did not differ much from each other in absolute terms, if this slight lag in performance is ignored.

As a big “but” to measurements, the bracelet goes a little crazy as soon as we get into the water. First, because touch becomes a lottery, and second, because it tends to be exaggerated. From 60 swipes on a beach towel to swimming by the sea at 110 dpi.

Then, In terms of steps and kilometers covered by walking, hiking or running, the bracelet is very reliable, gives us the same results as a mobile phone with activated GPS.

Huawei Group 7

Chema KS

And if we are talking about sensors, we must point out that the Huawei Band 7 carries TruSeen 4.0. which consists of two sensors, a chip and a proprietary algorithm that interprets all the data.

they receive measure heart rate, stress levels and blood oxygen saturation. Basics right now.

Huawei Band 6, analysis and opinion

It can also measure the quality of our sleep with TruSleep 2.0 technology. This cannot be seen on the watch, like most of the information collected by the bracelet, but from the Huawei Health app we can access all these options. By the way, the app is intuitive and easy to use.

Overall, the Huawei Band 7 offers the same measurements as the competition, but with fairly high reliability. The sleep matches other fuller watches from the same company and oxygenation is a lottery, so in that case I won’t get wet.

Two weeks of theoretical autonomy, 6 real days

Huawei Group 7

It is a tradition that Huawei bracelets (and competition) ensure use within two weeks or 14 days of normal use. Since this is marketing, if this number drops to 12 days, we’ll understand. The problem is that in these three weeks I charged the watch three times.

The measurements of these three weeks all matched: every six days I have to charge the watch. Without removing the bracelet at all, does not sleep with it, does not do ordinary tourism and sports a day (an hour or two maximum), the bracelet does not reach a week of autonomy.

And while it doesn’t seem like a bad number to me, this is the same autonomy as my Huawei Watch Fit, It can’t be that they’re so easily selling us two weeks of use on average or light usage.

Huawei Band 7 photo gallery

Chema KS

Because, of course, if you turn on the GPS of the bracelet and run for an hour a day, the battery drains sharply: on the fourth day you need to charge it. And yes, it weighs 29 grams with a bracelet, but there is a big difference between what they promise and what they give.

For 14 days we must use it for 8 hours a day and with very sedentary use, otherwise it is not possible to reach two weeks of use.

A good option for anyone who wants a full and beautiful bracelet.

Huawei Band 7 photo gallery

Chema KS

Once you’ve seen the latest bracelet releases, it’s time to decide if it’s worth it or if it’s better to go check out another of the competition (since it’s a really tough market). In my opinion, for those 44.99 euros that it now costs in almost all retail outlets, it is worth it.

It is well built, not premium, but beautiful and compelling to the eye.. After using it in the middle of summer, with sweat and the sea, the bracelet holds up quite well and the color remains the same as on the first day. Some plastic frayed and made it look uglier, but it still looks good (which is the most normal since I gave it a lot of trouble).

At the screen level, the AMOLED panel is ideal for indoor and outdoor viewing, no matter how sunny it is outside. It even looks great on the beach. The only bad thing is that sometimes it registers pulsations poorly, but it is punctual. (can be patched).

Group 7

View Offer at the best price

The measurements are good, and what’s more, given the price it has, and if you’re an athlete or like to take care of yourself, a Huawei smart bracelet can be your companion when you’re tired without leaving you with the money that a Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch costs.

If you are not looking for a smartwatch that is fully compatible with your phonereceive calls and answer whatsapp from the bracelet, The Huawei Band 7 is the best option under 50 euros on the market right now. Definitely.

Source: Computer Hoy

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