Samsung undertakes to guarantee constant support to its users, as the company has just decided to update i . to publish Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 bringing improvements across the board and for those who have been wondering about a good overall photography experience, these new additions are sure to make sense to everyone.

Samsung has decided to roll out the update to all Galaxy S22 users in South Korea and includes firmware versions S901NKSU2AVHB, S906NKSU2AVHB And S906NKSU2AVHB. The update is currently available in South Korea, but it is safe to say that it will be launched in other regions soon.

Now, for those who ask, the new update brings some camera-centric improvements to the Galaxy S22 series and you have the ability to hyperlapse with the 3x telephoto lens, but not only the QR code scanning speed and the OCR get some. improvements.

The whole thing is launching on the Galaxy S22 series and will be coming on the Galaxy S21 series too, so if you’re still using the older generation phones, they might be available for you too. It goes without saying that Samsung’s commitment to release the update and make the cameras even better than they are is certainly commendable.

Source: Lega Nerd

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