The UN has also mobilized to try to compensate for the global fertilizer shortage because of the war in Ukraine. Held during the general meeting a New York in September, the declaration was signed that aims to reduce the impact of phenomena such as pandemics, war in Ukraineclimate crisis and high costs of energy and fertilizers thatglobal food insecurity.

Top leader on Global Food Security they insist increase fertilizer production to compensate for the shortcomings and speed up the innovations, promoting sustainable food systems and agriculture. Everything must be done to support the countries most affected, both in terms of agricultural productivity and energy transition.

France is at the forefront of promoting a range of initiatives to facilitate access to fertilizers for the most vulnerable countries. Furthermore, it is now on World Trade Organization and FAO are developing a fertilizer need map and export restrictions to formulate concrete proposals for the G20 heads of state and government.

Vulnerable countries are also supported by one reallocation of special drawing rights By the International Monetary Fund. A meeting is being organized in Paris with fertilizer producers with the aim of stepping up the production process ahead of the G20 summit.

Source: Lega Nerd

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