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These are 70 new state-of-the-art radars that DGT has just bought and are virtually invisible.


The General Directorate of Traffic continues to ensure our safety, and for this they have just purchased 70 new mobile speed cameras who are going to be placed in different parts of the country to track down those violators who exceed the speed limit.

These DGT radars are built using the latest in mobile radar technology. which can be installed both on stationary sites and in mobile patrolsand that they will obviously hunt down those offenders who do not respect the limits speed.

DGT purchased exactly 70 radars. and it cost 610,000 euros.several calls bicycle laser radars and that for sure they already seem familiar to you, because they are one of the most present on our roads.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, these 70 new mobile radarsThis is in addition to those currently used to provide surveillance that matches the speed of the road network in the most efficient way.“.


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Thus, 70 radars are added to the 545 that DGT has already installed on our roads, but the latest ones acquired are now among the most advanced.

Characteristics of bicycle laser radars

bicycle laser radars Height 50 cm, weight 3 kg., and are capable of measuring the speed of vehicles in the range from 30 to 250 km/h. They can detect vehicles up to 50 meters away and even operate in two lanes.

They have autonomy about five hours on average and they can be controlled using 3G, 4G or WiFi technologies.

As we found out, these undetectable radars are easy to carry and yet they come with a carrying case. They are also sold with a speed meter, tablet, computer, swivel tripod and stand for installation on highway guardrails or on patrol vehicles such as motorcycles.

You must understand these new Radar DGT as another electronic device that will help make our roads much safer.

Source: Computer Hoy

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