After the vaccines against Covid, competition in Europe is open again, this time against the bronchiolitis. It is a strong epidemic present in several European countries. Here the EU has given permission for the placing on the market first drug in the world that makes it possible to fight the respiratory syncytial virus (Vrs) in children. The name of the drug is Beyfortus, produced by the AstraZeneca group together with Sanofi.

RSV is one of the viruses that leads to bronchiolitis, a disease that causes the children mild, but causes worrisome symptoms. There is no vaccine for that disease, but this first new drug is being targeted to prevent the onset of bronchiolitis. It is about synthetic antibodies to fight the disease.

An important record in the fight against bronchiolitis, even if it will take some time division. The medicine will be brought on the market in the second half of 2023. Another challenge will be to be able to make a vaccine, there are about 30 in the works experiment clinic, including monoclonal antibodies. It should be remembered that this virus is the second leading cause of child death worldwide, especially in the poorest or middle-income countries. Pfizer is already on track to request the green light for its vaccine from authorities.

Source: Lega Nerd

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