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Instagram will follow in the footsteps of TikTok and bet on full-screen posts.


Social media movements are often indecipherable, and several proposals have been put forward in recent years to steal the hegemony of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The social network that came out of nowhere to dazzle all users is TikTok..

With a fresh and fast format, this social network has gained a huge number of users as well as popularity. But it also seems to have made the rest of the social networks interested in the secrets in a few months. short and not so short video platform.

Instagram is one of the social networks that is most concerned about the flight of users to TikTok. Actually, in recent months, we’ve seen it integrate a number of features that are a direct copy of what TikTok does.. A perfect example is the famous videos on Instagram.


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Now the social network of photos and videos created by Meta’s hand will have a new change up its sleeve.. It could be a change that no user has requested and the truth is that in logic it’s something that doesn’t make much sense at the user and experience level in the app.

And exactly what is expected from Instagram is to start showing posts in a very different way from how the social network began. Go, now what to do is completely forget the photo format and show everything in full screen modeso always use vertical format.

The truth is that this makes sense if we understand Instagram as a social network of short videos, but the truth is that it is not.. In fact, the app has a number of internal features, such as the fact that it has Instagram stories or photos themselves that can be shared within the app.

According to TechCrunch, the changes that Instagram would make would have the secondary effect of excluding stories at a functional level in the interface.. They will appear when users see the need to view them and swipe down the top of the device.

The changes that will take place on Instagram are quite drastic, and one will need to have some apprehension in believing in these possible changes.. Of course, we will be attentive to any type of Indian or confirmation that comes from Instagram.

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