Hyundai did not want to end the year without publishing another major piece of news regarding its EV strategy. From January 1, 2023, the South Korean manufacturer will only sell electric vehicles in Norway.thus closing the history of their internal combustion or hybrid vehicles in that country.

While it is true that Hyundai is one of the automakers that is betting on electrification the most, its original plan did not include betting on just 100% electric vehicles in Norway in the short term. What happened then? Well, the European country, unlike others, has made every effort to leave combustion engine and hybrid cars behind as soon as possible.

In fact, according to data provided by Hyundai itself, over 90% of cars currently sold in Norway are already electric.. Therefore, continuing to offer hybrid options did not make much sense.

Hyundai notes that the presence of its electric vehicles in Norway has only grown since the models IONIK they began circulating in the region in 2016. “Their sales trajectory was upward and since then Norwegians have been flocking to dealerships to get a new Hyundai,” they note.

Of course, it also helped that over the years they released more models to suit the needs and pockets of the Norwegian market. On this occasion, Thomas Rosvold, brand director in Norway, commented:

“We are very confident in our portfolio of models and now that we have launched the new IONIQ 6 it is time to sell only all-electric vehicles in the Norwegian market. The IONIQ 5 and KONA Electric have long positioned themselves as some of the most popular vehicles on the market, and we are confident that our electric vehicles will bring us continued success in the future.”

Norway’s efforts played a decisive role in Hyundai’s decision

KONA Electrician

Hyundai acknowledges that this key step was made possible by the hard work that Norway has put in over the past few years to transition to all-electric mobility.

This also influenced the fact that in 2018 they launched KONA Electrician, as its price has allowed more people to purchase an electric car without hitting the wallet. When the aforementioned model had not yet officially entered the country, 8,000 units had already been reserved. Today it is one of the most popular cars in Norway.

The next major milestone was the launch of the Hyundai IONIQ 5, which, unlike the proposal mentioned above, boasts a new generation technology section. This year it was the fifth best-selling car in Norway.

And for those who are interested in buying an electric car at a reasonable price, but without sacrificing cutting-edge technology and design, Hyundai advises: the next generation of KONA Electric is just around the corner. “It will be bigger, sleeker and more dynamic than before,” they add.

On the other hand, Hyundai ensures that they continue to release more models in the coming years to continue expanding their offering. “We are ready for an all-electric future.”

So anyone who shows up at a Norwegian Hyundai dealership from the first day of 2023 will see only electric vehicles. Undoubtedly, this is an exemplary movement, which we hope to replicate in other countries as soon as possible.

Source: Hiper Textual

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