until date, Tesla lived quite comfortably in the electric car market. That’s because it didn’t see a lot of pressure from other manufacturers when it came to competing directly against the company created by Elon Musk. But things seem to be changing with the announced arrival of Xiaomi, which will apparently do some things. change your strategy to date.

What we’re saying is about what you have to pay to buy a Tesla electric car. It is obvious that the price of the models currently on the market will not change, but information showing this has emerged. The North American firm could make plans to launch a new electric car that would be particularly affordable.. In this way, he would protect himself from the arrival of Xiaomi, which worried many (although they repeatedly denied it at first). If what is stated is realized, there will be a significant change both in internal affairs and in the perception of potential buyers.

Big surprise from Elon Musk to Tesla investors

It is believed that the creator of the manufacturer and the CEO of the company may have hidden his sleeves. The next meeting with the company’s shareholders to be held on March 1 this year. According to the source of the information, Tesla’s new cheap electric car line would then become official. It’s a fitting moment, and that fact fits perfectly with Musk’s working style. Therefore, if everything is confirmed, it will not be much for more than one person to seriously consider buying a car from the American company, without having to spend something that is almost impossible for most.

Tesla car headlight


Some of the things that can be underestimated about the new model is that we are talking about a model. e.g. car that will be smaller than Model 3. In this way, it can be considered a utility, but with some options that will definitely make it different, as always with this manufacturer. In addition, it would be a logical continuation. price dropped This has recently been produced in many cars that Tesla already offers for sale. clear company goal due to the fact that it is in the middle of the process of reducing production costs (and this is apparently achieved because there are more and more orders for such vehicle components due to demand).

Little data… Why?

Well, it all points to a very simple reason (and it’s not that the information is completely hidden, we all know Elon Musk). This is because it is in a design phase where only a few guidelines are known, but nothing very concrete. And that’s not a strange thing with Tesla, because looking back, the CyberTruck was announced in 2012 and no one has received a pre-ordered model as of now.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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