At Intel VisION, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger hit the United States government hard. According to the leader of the well-known chip company, while the European Community is taking quick steps to facilitate chip companies, his home country is lagging behind.

Pat Gelsinger at Intel Vision

The CHIPS Act is American legislation that allows more chips to be manufactured in the United States, in part due to escalating tensions with China. Currently, only ten percent of chips are made in the USA.

If this plan goes into effect, billions of dollars will be provided for semiconductor research and production. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives agree that this deal should come, but have not yet clarified the details.

During a Q&A at Intel Vision, Gelsinger noted that the company’s various build and expansion plans are moving faster or are on schedule. “The CHIPS Act is needed to accelerate the industry in this market. It is critical that the House and Senate complete the CHIPS Act now. Get it done crazy!” It was a clear expression of disappointment from the normally quite calm CEO.

Source: Hardware Info

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