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DGT debunks one of the great myths of not giving a positive breath test result.


One of the major fines that occur on our roads are high-alcohol fines, which not only endanger the driver, but also others, and which the Highway Traffic Authority wants to eradicate from the roads with heavy fines. .

And the thing is, sometimes myths you’ve heard somewhere you end up believing in them when they’re completely false, and if you’ve ever believed that drinking coffee or tea can lower your alcohol levels, you’re very wrong. .

And the fact is that the General Highway Traffic Authority has taken to social media such as Twitter to launch a small survey in which they ask their thousands of followers “are drinking coffee or tea effective strategies for lowering blood alcohol levels,” suggesting as a no, yes, or no, but chewing coffee beans lowers blood alcohol levels.

Although people chose answer B or answer C, the vast majority made the right choice. answer to. As such, the DGT clarifies that drinking coffee or tea does not lower blood alcohol levels at all, according to Autobild.

This means that if you exceed your blood alcohol level, even if you have read or heard that drinking tea or coffee lowers your alcohol level, you will give a positive breath test when the Civil Guard stops you, taking the appropriate fines.

And it is that if you are planning to take a car, you should never drink alcohol, having the option of choosing other solutions such as having a friend who does not drink while driving, taking a taxi or any other service, or choosing public transport.

Source: Computer Hoy

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